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Insuring your home in Italy

You will need to insure your house from the day you sign the Rogito/Atto document. There is buildings insurance and contents insurance available in Italy. However, most Italians don't bother with contents, as it is very expensive and you have to complete an entire inventory of your possessions, but the choice is yours. Buildings insurance is actually quite inexpensive.

We recommend 2 companies:

We can recommend an insurance company called Intasure who we find to be excellent and well-priced. Their policies are in English. Click here for their website link and you can quickly obtain a quote by email. You can also phone them on: +44 (0)845 111 0680. If you mention you are a client of Magic Marche, they will put you through to the assistant who works with us on Italian policies.

We also recommend an Italian Insurance company called Assitalia. They speak reasonable English and their quotes are sometimes better than UK companies, though will be written in Italian. However, for a small cost, we can organise a policy translation for you. Here are their details, so that you can email or speak with them in the first instance:

Agenzia GeneraleAscoli Piceno
Ufficio valutazione rischi
Contact: Francisco D'Abbondio
Tel: +39 0736/336461

Email Francisco on: