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Magic Marche - Fees

Why do you need our assistance to buy your property?

Understanding the technicalities of the property process, the language used, the contract procedure, issues regarding property taxes, price negotiation, redrawing of land boundaries, notifying neighbours of the sale, booking a lawyer or Notary or translator, confirming electricity, gas and water supplies, appointing a geometra to do a survey etc can all form part of your purchase process and can be quite a minefield. We will assist with all of this, within our fee.

Our fee percentage is listed below, and is 3% of the agreed selling price plus italian IVA (ie VAT) at the prevailing rate. For this you get a truly comprehensive service - right from the first search, or multiple searches, which are all free, to full viewings and guidance with the purchase, foreign currency exchange, mortgage company introductions and opening an Italian bank account. We can also guide you with whom to obtain quotes from for your Restoration and Project Management, guidance with choosing the building contractor and other artisans, swimming pool contractors, landscapers etc.

Half our fee is payable at the time of the Compromesso (exchange of contracts) or the signing of a Letter of Intent, and the balance upon completion (or within 3 months of the compromesso date, whichever is the sooner). The minimum fee payable is 4000 (euros) plus IVA. We will ask you to sign a simple contractual agreement agreeing the fee prior to us making your first purchase offer.


3% of the final agreed selling price (minimum fee 4,000 euros) + IVA

Included in our fee:

  • Detailed discussion of your requirements, preferences and budget
  • Personalised search for suitable properties from our website and our wide network of contacts
  • Accompanied property viewings to translate, provide advice and assistance
  • Negotiation and submission of offers on your behalf
  • Advice, guidance and help with completion of all necessary documentation and paperwork through to completion of the purchase. This includes liaising with the vendor, lawyer, surveyor, notary etc on your behalf, and ensuring a representative of Magic Marche accompanies you to the signing of any of the documents, where we verbally translate where necessary and provide advice. Full English translations of all documents can be arranged for at an additional cost
  • Arranging for our recommended Italian solicitor to review and advise on all legal documents at the Compromesso and Rogito (ie the exchange and completion), should you so wish. If you wish to appoint your own solicitor, you are entirely free to do so. If you wish us to arrange full legal representation for you, for each and every part of the purchase process, this can also be arranged
  • Arranging for a Geometra to do an initial survey on your proposed property (we recommend that you do this, the cost is normally around 300 euros). A full English translation of this document averages 100 euros
  • Regular updates on the progress of your purchase until completion
  • Your travel and accommodation requirements are not included within our fee
  • There is an additional flat charge of 500 euros added to our fee if you decide to buy a property using a Trust Fund or similar financial vehicle (a conventional mortgage does not incur this charge)

NB If we have to travel outside Le Marche for any legal meetings, our travelling costs will be payable by the buyer.

The following assistance and services are available to you and are costed on an individual basis. We can provide you with a tariff at the appropriate time:

  • We can arrange for for a Geometra to do an initial survey on your proposed property at no charge. We only charge if you wish us to meet him/her at the property. We recommend that you have a survey done and the Geometra's cost is normally around 300). A full English translation of this document averages 100 euros
  • Assistance with obtaining your Italian tax code and opening a bank account (a legal requirement for anyone buying a house in Italy)
  • Acting as your proxy to sign any legal documents on your behalf (standard charge of 150 euros)
  • Project management of any restoration works
  • Contract applications for connection of the main utilities including water, gas, telephone
  • Introductory meetings with local builders, electricians, plumbers, architects, pool companies and landscapers
  • Accompanied shopping trips to source, select and negotiate for furniture, furnishings and fittings
  • Obtaining quotes on your behalf for house insurance
  • Introduction to companies who can assist with servicing your house throughout the year or for those considering renting their property (pool maintenance, gardening, cleaning, airport meet and greet etc)